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WSDE 1190: SALT Speaks Edition

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Tune into Ed Sherlock‘s interview with Jin Kim of SALT, Joe Sewall, Talya Hunt, Dan Shefner of AmeriCorps NCCC Buffalo 6 team, and Bill Morton of the Village of Middleburgh as they discuss the work the NCCC members are doing in Schoharie. 

AmeriCorps NCCC, National Civilian Community Corps, strengthen communities and develops leaders through direct, team-based national and community service. The Buffalo 6 team is comprised of 11 members from all around the Country; members from as far as Oregon to members as close as Syracuse, NY.

The NCCC members are working on a lot of direct service labor work in Schoharie, but also assisting with research. They are working with Schoharie County Community Action Program (SCCAP) to assist in further developing their food bank. They will be working with NYS Parks and Rec to assist in achieving some of the goals set out in their newly drafted Strategic Plan, for example by removing as many non-native plant species as possible to help support a healthy diversity of native plant species. The members will be working with West Fulton Arts to help refurbish a building which will serve as their office and events space, will help bring in Arts into the County. And they are also working with Bill Morton in the Village of Middleburgh, to refurbish the Depot in preparation for a museum and to develop a hummingbird/butterfly sanctuary.


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