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WSDE 1190: SALT Speaks Edition

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February 27, 2017

Tune into Ed Sherlock‘s interview with Sarah Goodrich and Jin Kim of SALT as they discuss SALT’s preparedness efforts. 

SALT formed as a response to the 2011 disaster. We assisted in the immediate recovery from the flood (coordinating volunteers and case management) and we are now assisting in the long term recovery. That includes community and economic development, but we understand that a disaster could happen at any moment so we need to stay prepared and continue to prepare our residents and children.

We are working on two very important programs, Kits for Kids and the Volunteer Reception Center. Kits for Kids is a program in which we provide emergency preparedness education on various disasters and provide emergency preparedness kits for each child. This year, we are working with Middleburgh Elementary School and the Salvation Army’s free summer camp to provide those children with these emergency preparedness kits and education. The Volunteer Reception Center (VRC) is a central location where volunteers can be processed efficiently and referred to organizations that need their services. SALT has teamed up with the Schoharie County Office of Emergency Services to organize VRC’s in time or need and to provide dry run through’s with the community in order to stay prepared.

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