When it comes to housing development… data is key.

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When it comes to housing development… data is key.

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As you may have heard, SALT Development is getting back into housing! With work well underway for the Schoharie Creek Trail Study, SALT part-time staff member Jerrine Corallo is now able to focus some time and energy on connecting with Schoharie County Community Development, the Greater Mohawk Valley Land Bank (Land Bank), local municipal leaders, code officials and other stakeholders to develop a sustainable housing program for the county.

Seeking information on evidence-based decision making as it pertains to regional development and resiliency, SALT connected with the Center for Technology in Government at the University at Albany to understand how it can better use existing and new sources of information to work smarter. More specifically, SALT and partners are looking to use existing and collect new data to support the design and coordination of housing projects that will have the most impact on the community. In order to realize this use of data, SALT believes it is necessary to look critically at the types of questions the communities and other decision-makers need answered, what information is needed to make those decisions, and how that information can be collected, shared, and analyzed to support planning and development efforts.

Just this week, Ms. Corallo joined Village of Schoharie Code Officer Lloyd Stannard and Land Bank AmeriCorps volunteer Cabryn Gurdo on a mini tour of problem properties in the village. SALT, Schoharie County Community Development and the Land Bank are compiling information about problem properties throughout the county as part of the first round of data collection.

Up next, SALT and partners plan to host a series of facilitated workshops and interviews with stakeholders to develop a model for gathering, storing, sharing and analyzing necessary housing and demographic data to help inform decision-making processes in the county.

SALT will also be working with the Land Bank to begin rehabilitation and stabilization projects later this year on zombie properties within the county.

If you are interested in participating in these workshops or have data to share related to housing in the county please get in touch with Ms. Corallo at jerrinec@SALTdevelopment.org.

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