What IS Case Management, Anyway?

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What IS Case Management, Anyway?

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Since SALT formed, our Case Management team has assisted hundreds of clients by addressing specific needs and providing emotional support. At SALT, Case Management is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation, advocacy and resource referral.  To meet a range of needs our team works with individuals and families to help them access all available resources and to promote positive recovery outcomes.

Through a partnership with University at Albany School of Social Welfare, SALT has been able to staff our Case Management team with Masters of Social Work (MSW) student interns. This past year, MSW intern Rhea Kumar has worked 16 hours a week for 10 months practicing various counseling techniques to meet the needs of a range of clients. The other member of our Case Management Team is Robin Alley, who also serves as the SALT Office Manager. True to not-for-profit form, we all wear many hats here at SALT.


MSW Intern Rhea Kumar

Even now, nearly three years after the flood, our team still provides mental health counseling to victims of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Sandy.  Many were traumatized and required a significant number of therapy sessions in order to overcome posttraumatic stress disorder and other mental health conditions. Through weekly sessions many individuals were able to regain a sense of safety and stability in the community, rather than feeling anxiety or fear when triggered by seeing or hearing something in their daily lives and community. In addition to posttraumatic stress disorder, many victims of the flood had an onset of depression due to all the loss they suffered. The SALT team has worked to distinguish what type of help different individuals needed and was able to use trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy to help these individuals alleviate their feelings of sadness.

In addition to mental health services, the Case Management team at SALT continues to play a key role in advocating for the people of Schoharie County when applying for financial aid from government agencies like New York Rising and FEMA.   When applying for grants, loans, and financial aid from federal and state agencies, paperwork can be extremely confusing and the process can be overwhelming.  With the help of our case managers, clients are more easily able to navigate the system and are made aware of all their options rather than feeling pressured to follow a certain route.

Finally, the Case Management team plays a key role in referring clients to various services and resources. For example, we continue to refer elderly clients in need of extra assistance to Office for the Aging. Rather than handing them resources, by providing information, each client is empowered and able to better take care of themselves in the long run.

Overall the Case Management team at SALT focuses on providing mental health services to those affected by the flood, assists clients in navigating through government agencies and empowers individuals to use community resources to meet all their needs.

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