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Adopt a Job!

In the event of a future disaster the Volunteer Resilience Center will need the following volunteers to help “stand up” a Volunteer Reception Center.  Groups, churches, businesses, organizations are encouraged to Adopt a Job ahead of time so we can be ready to jump into action as quickly as possible.  Contact Rachel today and let her know which job your group is interested in adopting. RachelB@SALTRecovery.org

  1. Greeters x 10 volunteers needed
  2. Registration Coordinator x 5 volunteers needed
  3. Interviewer x 10 volunteers needed
  4. Volunteer Placement Coordinator x 10 volunteers needed
  5. Safety Trainer x 5 volunteers needed
  6. Identification Coordinator x 5 volunteers needed
  7. Data Entry Coordinator x 5 volunteers needed
  8. Phone Bank Coordinator x 5-10 volunteers needed
  9. Runner x 5 volunteers needed
  10. Security Officer x 5 volunteers needed
  11. Health & Safety Officer x 5 volunteers needed
  12. Public Information Officer x 1-2 volunteers needed
  13. Behavior Health Representative x 5 volunteers needed
  14. Transportation & Mapping Coordinator x 3 volunteers needed