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Volunteer Reception Center Video

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SALT’s latest video takes a stroll through the operations of a Volunteer Reception Center (VRC).  A VRC is a place that, after a disaster happens, is set up for outside volunteers to come to for assignment.  This is a way to place the correct person with the correct job and keeps volunteers out of a potentially dangerous area.

After Irene, 8,000-10,000 volunteers came in one month to the Schoharie Valley.  They wanted to help but had to enter devastated disaster areas and needed direction and a way to best use their skills for the community’s recovery.

SALT is assisting the Schoharie County Office of Emergency Services in recruiting people to staff a Volunteer Reception Center.

Interested in helping? Joing the Preparedness & Volunteer Resilience Committee. Learn and be a part of the preparedness effort and get involved in our projects like Hope for the Homebound and the Volunteer Reception Center.



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