Town of Schoharie Awarded $50K For Central Bridge Community Planning Project

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Town of Schoharie Awarded $50K For Central Bridge Community Planning Project

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December 9, 2016. Schoharie, NY. The Town of Schoharie, along with the Town of Esperance, is pleased to announce that the Central Bridge Community Planning Project was awarded $50,000 yesterday. Funds from the New York State Community Development Block Grant Program were allocated for the project during Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Regional Economic Development Council 2016 awards ceremony.

“The hamlet of Central Bridge has a lot of potential,” Schoharie Town Supervisor Chris Tague states. “Plans are underway to address water and septic infrastructure needs and now with these funds, streetscape and housing improvements will follow.”

Schoharie Area Long Term (SALT) Development Project Director Jerrine Corallo will work closely with local leaders to coordinate a community development planning process focused on housing and streetscape improvements in the residential hamlet of Central Bridge. The project will engage municipal officials, local colleges, regional planning, landscape architecture and/or engineering firms, and residents in community planning for four (4) focus areas. These include: 1) Inventory of Assets and Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) Analysis; 2) Complete Streets Plan including concept plan, cost estimates and matrix of implementation funds; 3) Housing Conditions and Vacant Property Assessment Survey and Report with recommendations and matrix of implementation funds; and 4) Community Center SWOT Analysis.

The hamlet of Central Bridge was a “vibrant little community in the 1940s with many freight and passenger trains passing through the middle of the hamlet each day,” wrote Marguerite Wise Holt in “They Said It Wouldn’t Last: A Historical Account of Central Bridge and Gallupville.” Present-day Central Bridge paints a very different picture. Condemned homes, decaying sidewalks, and a distinct lack of commerce are features of the hamlet’s current conditions.

Another expected outcome of the planning process, aside from the plans and recommendations above, is public participation. SALT will employ arts and asset based community development strategies in order to attain both higher and deeper levels of involvement among participants. In addition, SALT and partners will build community capacity and help identify local leaders through the planning process. SALT staff will also provide support to the subcommittees that are formed to address streetscape, housing and community center plans.

“Vacant properties continue to negatively impact the quality of life in our communities and undermine the strength of our local economies,” reports SALT Executive Director Sarah Goodrich. “We’re pleased that SALT has been afforded this opportunity to work with municipal leaders and the community in a strategic planning process that will identify ways we can improve our housing stock, streetscapes, quality of life and ultimately the local economy.”

If you are interested in being involved in the project, contact Jerrine Corallo at or (518) 702-5017.

Schoharie Area Long Term Development builds resilient and sustainable communities.

Schoharie Town Supervisor
Chris Tague

Jerrine Corallo
SALT Project Director

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