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Hagadorn before

Robin and David Hagadorn always dreamed of owning a house of their own. Before living at their current residence on Amelia Lane, they rented a trailer on Route 145. The plan had always been to buy a home eventually. However, the Hagadorns had no way of foreseeing the way in which they would come to finally reside in their current home. The single level house was flooded with 7 feet of water on its single floor; all that was left dry was the crawlspace above. When the house went up for sale shortly after, the Hagadorn’s knew they had to take advantage of the opportunity to buy the house and make their dream come true. The house was still a mess, but David Hagadorn and a friend were able to pitch in for labor. David was able to jack up the house to fix the foundation and rebuild its pillars, however, the job was still too big for them to take on by themselves. They were lacking in necessary resources, especially labor, and the house still needed new heating and plumbing systems. If they were ever going to be able to move in, they were going to need help. SALT knew as soon as they were contacted by the Hagadorn’s that they would be able to help. Soon the house was filled with volunteers and the needs for rebuilding were being met. Robin Hagadorn remembers “All of the volunteers were respectful, courteous, polite and what got me most is, at the end of the day, they were thanking me! The words “thank you” seem so small in comparison to how I feel about them all.” She also knew that they wanted to move in as soon as possible, even if the house wasn’t finished; as long as it was safe, secure and sanitary. “It has been a lifelong dream to own a beautiful house, I knew we would get here eventually, but never in my wildest dreams did I expect the outpouring of volunteers who worked on our home.” SALT is honored to have been able to help the Hagadorn’s dream come true, and we are all so glad that they now have a beautiful, safe and secure place to call their own. But, there are still many other home owners and families in need of help and support.

DSC_0252We want to continue to provide this assistance to all who need it, and any and all outside assistance and donations of your time would be graciously welcomed!