The SALT Board of Directors’ Dream for Schoharie County

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The SALT Board of Directors’ Dream for Schoharie County

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From the SALT Board of Directors:

My dream for Schoharie County:


A place…

Where folks can enjoy healthy outdoor opportunities,

Where there are safe, creative activities for youth and young adults,

Where local artists and artisans are encouraged to pursue and market their music, crafts, art, photographs,

Where local churches and religious organizations respond to community needs and social issues,

Where folks want to live in the knowledge that the towns and village are prepared to meet crises with compassionate care, collaboration and cooperation,

Where resources are shared not only within the county, but within the region addressing upstate needs and issues,

where folks come to enjoy a day, a week, or a weekend for fun and relaxation,

Where the local produce and products are valued and sought as examples of New York’s finest,

Where the needs of kids and elders are addressed daily,

Where the communities and individuals work together in peace and harmony, and

Where there is substantial economic growth through tourism and new businesses while maintaining our beautiful rural and idyllic county.

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