The 5th Anniversary Honorees

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The 5th Anniversary Honorees

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5th Anniversary Honorees


Each of the following honorees sacrificed their own needs for the greater good of all. They share a vision for a positive future for Schoharie County and the belief that people working together toward that vision will make it a reality. Each of them has supported the recovery and renewal effort from the beginning and continues to make that a priority. With tireless ongoing efforts, optimistic attitudes, and applied leadership these honorees create a positive model for others to emulate. We honor the sacrifices of these citizens and are grateful for their commitment to serve the region’s renewal.

Pastor Sherri Meyer-Veen

Pastor Sherri was the first Board Chairperson for SALT. She spearheaded the effort to bring all area groups involved in early recovery together to work toward a common goal which grew into the SALT organization. Sherri led a strong volunteer team through the process of incorporation, fund development, and relationship building that was essential for a thriving organization that would survive. But it was her vision for a long-term organization that could sustain the effort for many years that created a solid foundation for success. This vision remains as the guiding principle for SALT’s work.

Ball Family
Community Commitment

The Ball family owns a visible local business that is a vehicle for community outreach. They support numerous local producers by featuring local products. They utilize local talent for their employees. They contribute to local causes through their “Sunshine Fund” created in memory of Susan Ball. They are generous with their time by volunteering on local boards, at churches, in promotional organizations, and the Farm Bureau to name only a few. All of these efforts speak to their commitment to be good stewards of their land, their resources, and their time. This commitment to community has also been obvious by the numerous ways they have assisted with the ongoing recovery.

Barber Family
Creative Entrepreneurism

During the challenging process of recovery from Irene and Lee, the Barber family developed a new addition to their business. Seeing an opportunity born of need, they developed a “value added” product (1857 Vodka) from one of their active crops (potatoes), thus repurposing some of the waste. By investing their time and money into this project, they also created jobs, a viable partner in the Schoharie County Beverage Trail, and an additional reason for visitors to come to Schoharie County. This inventive approach to dealing with a challenge is an excellent role model for creative entrepreneurism and demonstrates this family’s belief in the future of Schoharie County and their willingness to invest in that future.

Putnam Family
Community Stewardship

When this term stewardship comes to mind, the Putnam family is automatically part of that thought. As long-term residents of the county who have built a successful business locally, they believe in the people and potential of the area. More importantly, they put their beliefs into action by supporting local organizations working to improve life here. The Putnam family and their business, Fenimore Asset Management, have served the area’s recovery by giving ongoing volunteer work, sharing their facility’s resources, donating financial support, and providing invaluable guidance.

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