Schoharie County cleaning up from Friday’s flash flooding

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Schoharie County cleaning up from Friday’s flash flooding

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Hudson Valley YNN
By: Karen Tararache
June 16, 2013

MIDDLEBURGH, N.Y. — It happened without warning. Water swept through streets, into people’s backyards and basements, all in a matter of minutes. Now, all residents in Middleburgh can do is continue to clean up after Friday’s flash flood.

American Red Cross Disaster Public Affairs Coordinator, Mary Alice Molgard said, “It’s a little tough coming back to the same place over and over again, but it’s much worse, of course, on the people who live here.”

Two years after Tropical Storm brought eight feet of flooding to parts of Schoharie County, Middleburgh resident, Thomas Quinn said, “It’s almost like déjà vu a little bit, but not nearly as bad, of course.”

This time, heavy rainfall caused a surprise flash flood to drown out areas in Middleburgh yet again.

Middleburgh Fire Department Chief Michael Devlin explained, “We had three, four feet of water on Main Street and then we also had about six feet of water here on River Street.”

According to Chief Devlin the flooding came from the surrounding four tributaries, not the Schoharie Creek.

“Once again, the Village of Middleburgh has been impacted; and, I think a lot of this can just be prevented if we just properly engineer all the little tributaries around here and get them cleaned up like they should be,” Quinn said.

The American Red Cross was on hand passing out cleaning supplies, snacks, and water, offering both material and emotional support.

“We have specialists with us who are engaged in mental health activities, and we know how tough it is for people who have had to go through this again and again, and we are here to help out in that regard, as well,” Molgard said.

For these 3,000 residents, if devastation like this can’t be avoided, every little bit of help counts.

Molgard added, “Keep on scraping that mud and we’ll be right along.”

Fortunately, no one was injured in Friday’s flash flood. The sunny dry weather is causing a lot of dust, but residents would rather have that and are hopeful that the weather just dries out whatever flooding and mud is left.

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