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Sarah’s Snippets 9/21/2015

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Last spring, the Schoharie County ARC was awarded a grant from NYSID (NYS Industries for the Disabled) to participate in their statewide initiative designed to thank the communities in which the ARC works and functions. Schoharie County ARC chose to partner with SALT to develop a project that ARC clients, SALT members, and other volunteers  could work on together to contribute to the betterment of the community. Last Thursday, the combined group spent the day working with the Schoharie Promotional Association on their “Lilies of the Schoharie Valley Trail.”

The day was bright and sunny, a perfect day for working outside together. As everyone joined in clipping vines, moving rocks, and pulling brush it was easy to hear laughter ringing out from shared conversations. The trail that is being developed will serve the whole community by providing a peaceful place to walk, enjoy the Fox Creek, and learn more about the environment. Several donations of plants have already been received, and there are plans for community groups to create special meditation areas, memorial plantings, and benches. And, of course, there will be lots and lots of lilies planted throughout the green spaces surrounding the trail.

As a project for the groups to do together it worked well. Everyone was able to participate, real visible progress was made, and each person will be able to revisit the site and recognize that they were a part of the trail’s development. But more important than the physical work accomplished, everyone involved gained a new appreciation for other members of our community and the contributions each person is able to make.  Tom Robbins said, “Equality is not in regarding different things similarly, equality is in regarding different things differently.”  In other words, it is recognizing that each person is different for many reasons yet each person is also gifted and has contributions to make; not only recognizing that fact, but celebrating it.


In reality, if it were not for the different gifts that have been contributed to the recovery and renewal of Schoharie Creek Basin, SALT would not exist and the Basin would be far behind.  We are grateful for differences and celebrate this opportunity to work with Schoharie County ARC’s “Towpath Industries” on this day of service.

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