Sarah’s Snippets 9/1/2015

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Sarah’s Snippets 9/1/2015

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Last Friday was the fourth anniversary of the flooding caused by Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee. This time of year creates a special opportunity to reflect on what we have experienced and learned from those experiences. Here are a few highlights of my reflections:

  1. Mother Nature is both friend and foe

  2. The pain from devastation runs deep

  3. That pain is also valid and individual

  4. Pain gives rise to previously unknown and unprecedented strengths

  5. People surprise us  as they come forward to serve, and serve, and serve

  6. Hope, the ability to believe in a better tomorrow, is essential to progress

  7. Each person is on their own life’s journey, and deserves respect instead of criticism about where they are on that journey

  8. When passion and commitment combine, there is no end to the possibilities

  9. Local creativity abounds when unleashed and given permission to flourish

  10.  Working WITH the environment (Mother Nature) equals long-term survival

  11.  Collaborations develop increased strength which can then be applied for the greater good

  12.  Focus on “the greater good” is selfless, tiring, and challenging, yet highly rewarding

  13. Schoharie County is filled with committed individuals who believe in the potential of this region and are willing to work toward developing that potential

  14.  The seeds of greatness were planted by Irene in 2011

“It tried to bury us. It forgot we were seeds.” – Mexican proverb

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