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Sarah’s Snippets 8/4/2015

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“Loss is nothing else but change,
and change is Nature’s delight.”
Marcus Aurelius

Change is hard for everyone, even though it is inevitable as, well, as taxes. We all experience change constantly be it in the seasons of weather, the body’s changes over time, or the foods we eat daily.  It seems odd therefore, that change is often so difficult for people to navigate. Perhaps it is because change always brings loss, and few people seem adept at processing loss.

Loss requires grieving, the process of letting go and allowing the sadness to be felt, even if briefly.  But so often in our society sadness is tucked into the inner recesses of one’s being and not allowed to surface. Somehow it is only acceptable for brief periods as defined by others. How does that make any sense?

When loss is chosen, it is easier to accept, although it can still be difficult. When loss arrives unexpectedly and with a vengeance it is challenging. This kind of loss and its sadness are often accompanied by anger and fear, additional emotions that people are not trained to handle well.  When these are buried, one experience at a time, they become harder to release in the effort to move forward.

It has been almost four years since the floods that followed Irene and Lee.  The whole community has experienced many changes that everyone has had to process. However, not everyone has been able to acknowledge the feelings of loss and sadness that the changes have brought. This can happen when others express that the devastation was long ago so everyone should “just get over it” or similar opinions.  In reality, each person who was a part of Schoharie County was affected by the devastation, directly or indirectly. Each person also brought their own individual strengths, life experiences, and personal weaknesses to that experience.  Therefore, each person’s journey through recovery is just as individual and deserves the respect of fellow travelers on this path.

Staying connected requires this level of respect. Staying connected to the community is required for people to want to live here, to build lives here, and to work to improve the area together.  Changes will continue; they are inevitable.    However allowing each person to travel through these changes and remain connected to the community will strengthen us all, because then each individual will be free to contribute their best to the long-term recovery process. SALT will continue working for the community for the long term and will continue to need each person working together with us for the good of the whole.

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