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Sarah’s Snippets – 7/7/2015

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Do you ever consider why you do what you do? Not the things of daily living or perhaps even your job, but why you pursue your passion. Is it for your own pleasure, to leave a legacy with your name attached, or to leave an inheritance for the next generation? This is a question that SALT has to answer often.

We discuss a lot of specifics around the why. The area needs assistance to continue recovering after the devastating floods of Irene and Lee. Long term recovery is long term. The vision for Schoharie County is about improving the area we call home. Full recovery includes economic development so that people have job and shopping opportunities. Full recovery includes community development so that the quality of life available here attracts and keeps people of all ages. The vision includes building on our past history to develop the potential available locally. Etc, etc.

These things are all true. However, they are only part of the story. For me, SALT’s why really is about children. The children that are unknown to us, yet unborn, without names or faces, in fact they are tomorrow’s children. We will never make their acquaintance, but we believe they will come. And because of them we build and create today to achieve that vision we have for the future. It is our responsibility to live into our belief that they will come for they will be here to see the days that are created for them, but not for us.

The things we do today, the way we rebuild, the way we develop the area, the way we care for the land and waterways, the villages and towns we create, the recreational opportunities we plan, indeed all that we do will determine what tomorrow’s children find when their day arrives. We can squander the opportunities to leave the county a better place for them to inhabit. Or we can recognize our part in their existence. We can maximize the opportunities and do the hard work of moving toward our vision of long term recovery.

The latter is the choice that SALT makes. This is the why, or rather they are our why. They are daughters and sons who will come and live here someday, too. We commit our work to them, “tomorrow’s children.”

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