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Sarah’s Snippets – 7/28/2016

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It is one month until the fifth anniversary of Irene and Lee’s flooding. As a result, many minds have returned to that time and an awareness of the tremendous forward progress the area has made in the last five years.

Collaboration has been the key to this progress. People from all hamlets and villages stepped up right from the beginning to help their friends and neighbors. Even residents who were severely affected themselves helped others, often before seeking their own assistance.

This was true in neighborhoods, villages, and throughout the entire county as everyone focused on the common mission: Recovery. The courage and conviction shown by the people of Schoharie County, at all levels, is remarkable. Indeed, many of the volunteers who came from around the region and indeed around the country commented on the extraordinary strength of the local residents, and their determination to work together for the good of all. This is the real nature of collaboration.

Just as collaboration has served us well during these five years, it remains the key to future successes as well. SALT’s ongoing role is to work collaboratively with other organizations, agencies, and individuals who continue to use their gifts to strengthen and revitalize the area.  Just as everyone came together initially, so it is that we continue to work together with others, each contributing their essential piece to the ongoing work to build sustainable communities.

In the early months we talked about the vision of a thriving Schoharie County that would be created like a jigsaw puzzle, one piece at a time. As the puzzle continues to be created, the pieces are put in place by each person who helps, by each group that works to make the county better, by each economic development project that SALT and others initiate.  Positive, collaborative energy continues to thrive in Scoharie County.  Together we are stronger. Together we will achieve the total vision that was born out of the destruction five years ago.

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