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Sarah’s Snippets – 7/14/2015

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Last week the Schoharie Free Library held a kickoff to their summer reading program. This year’s theme is “Every Hero Has a Story.” The library invited people who function in jobs that are often associated with heroism…going above and beyond the expected to serve others. Some of these people are volunteers, others are paid for their work. People from the sheriff’s department, volunteer ambulance and fire squads, state and local police, and the national guard were all part of the program. SALT also participated because of our work helping the area recover from the flooding devastation. The program was designed to get young people excited about reading and to help them realize that anyone at any age can do heroic things.

Later in the week I was reminded about the heroes in our midst that seldom get recognized. It seems to me the local businesses that had been mainstays of each of our communities prior to the flood, and that had major damage from the flooding disaster yet returned to business as quickly as they could, deserve special recognition. While it is true that many people stepped into action and served everywhere in the Schoharie Creek Basin, the business owners who came back quickly are extra special.

These people had lost incredible amounts of their investment and personal income potential. They were as devastated as any person whose home was damaged, and many lost both homes and businesses. Yet they made the decision to reopen their doors as soon as possible in order to serve their communities with much needed supplies and services.  Many opened as soon as they could and then continued their rebuilding while running a business.  Every affected community would have suffered to a much greater degree without these brave people who took the risk of reopening, with no guarantee of success, nor assurance of financial assistance. They are heroes for sure. 

The ironic thing about heroes is that the people who perform heroically never think of themselves that way. They say that they just did what needed to be done, what they believed was the right thing. However they define their actions, we do owe these businesses a debt of thanks.  Saying thanks is a good thing. Consistently supporting their businesses is the thanks they need even more.

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