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Sarah’s Snippets: 6/9/2016

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Patience is an interesting concept. When one thinks of having patience or learning to have patience, it usually implies a sense of waiting for something to happen. For instance with SALT, we have three major programs underway: the Preparedness Initiative, the Trail Feasibility Study, and the Geo to Go arts project. Although each of these programs is very active in the present, each one also involves a sense of anticipation about its future actualization.

The Preparedness Initiative enables residents and business owners to feel more confident in their ability to handle a future disastrous event by teaching personal and business preparedness techniques and strategies. Applying these elements helps individuals and businesses to mitigate the effects of whatever may come.  Prepare and have patience.

The Trail Feasibility Study will inform the future design and development of a 38 mile trail along the Schoharie Creek Basin. The highly involved technical work at the present will ensure the successful development of a trail that will create local economic, tourism, and recreation opportunities for all. Have patience.

The Geo to Go virtual arts project is cataloguing the numerous cultural and natural assets found in Schoharie County. These points of interest will be highlighted on the coming interactive website, and will be able to be accessed by tourists, educators, and residents. Additionally, an app is being created to increase accessibility to these assets even more. The technical development is underway and a very highly skilled team is working on the project. It is coming. Be patient and wait.

However, another way to approach patience is to stay engaged in the present while the process of development unfolds. Prepare for possible disastrous events by taking action in the present; this helps reduce anxiety about the future. No need to wait for the trail to be complete to be outside using the current trails, parks, and creek opportunities. Enjoy these now knowing there is still more to come. Take advantage of the growing number of music presentations, artistic creations, cultural opportunities, and artisan foods throughout the county. When the Geo to Go app is ready, you’ll discover even more!

Patience for the future and the patience of slowing down and engaging in the present; these are opposite sides of the same concept. Schoharie County has so much to offer it is easy to apply both.

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