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Sarah’s Snippets – 6/30/2015

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“…shake from me the dusty melancholy
Of too much success and comfort,
Pride and pretense,
that, as if on the first day of creation,
I may begin to see
The miracle of life and humanity;
To hear
The hum of grace
Unfolding to meet all my needs,
Unexpectedly and surprisingly,
and urging me to go on in faith
to whatever is next in love.”
–excerpt from “Set Me Free,” poem by Ted Loder

This past week was filled with finalizing plans for the Bounty of the County gala weekend that is SALT’s big fundraising event of the year. Many parts of the event are done ahead of time, but certain pieces have to wait until the last week. This always makes for a very full week right before the weekend, and then a busy weekend.

As we all headed into the week I acquired a sinus infection which drained my energy. I was concerned about the work that needed to be done and my capacity to carry my share of the load. However, the staff and VISTA members working on the event came through like champions, accomplishing their assignments for the weekend, plus picking up extra pieces to make the event happen successfully.

This poem excerpt is being shared because I received the grace referred to in the poem. The help I needed came, some of it unexpectedly and surprisingly.  Participating in the Bounty of the County I was reminded of the miracle of life and humanity as I observed the SALT team working together, the vast number and variety of people who supported SALT by volunteering their time and skills, and the joy and sense of community that was being shared among attendees.

During the weekend, I overheard someone ask a newer member of the SALT family: are you a VISTA or just a volunteer? Just a volunteer? While this person meant no harm, volunteers sustain us. We are a volunteer organization. Without their service the whole weekend could not have happened, indeed SALT’s history of accomplishments could not have happened. My gratitude is extended to the waitstaff, the setup team, the Board of Directors, the parking attendants, the photographers, the kitchen staff, the celebrity chef, the emcee and TV anchor, the Carrot Barn staff, the decorating team, the food growers and producers, the youth group, the dining room supervisor, the musicians, the vendors, the church members, the linen supplier, the transportation helpers, plus all those who volunteered behind the scenes to make it possible for other volunteers to be available. All of these people were volunteers.  We are very grateful for their contributions.

While this is more personal than usual for Snippets, I write this with humility to share my gratitude for the people who are so committed to SALT and our work. Because of them, needs were met and the weekend was a big success, despite the challenges from the rain. I have been shaken from my dusty melancholy and reassured that the hum of grace surrounds us all.

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