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Sarah’s Snippets – 6/2/2016

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Collaborate: to work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something.

SALT has been collaborating since its inception. By partnering on activities related to rebuilding houses and businesses, SALT significantly supported the area in its successful recovery. Collaboration with local, regional and national groups has been utilized to build capacity and maximize positive results.

Recently this vital component of SALT’s “mode of operation” was especially visible:

The NCCC team was observed building park benches in the SALT parking lot. The consulting volunteer Carl Shephard shared his carpentry knowledge with the eager team, affording them the opportunity to learn construction skills while working hands-on building benches. The seating will now grace the grounds of local parks where they were working throughout May.

At the same time a meeting was underway that brought together individuals from five different organizations, all focused on SALT’s Geo to Go website project. The sharing of skill sets and time has this cutting edge concept moving forward in ways that could not happen with SALT staff alone. The cohesion of ideas, input and enthusiasm from multiple players is the true genesis, and ultimately will be the success and reward of the website project.

Another recent gathering brought together local residents who were all concerned about a service gap they had experienced. Working together at the grassroots level they were developing action steps to lead to solutions. This coincided with a phone call from an agency representative who needed to locate a resource so they could assist one of their clients. SALT staff was able to provide the appropriate referral. Together is better.

This past Wednesday a long-time volunteer installed a hand-made sign that he created and donated to SALT. He believed that the public needed assistance to more easily locate the SALT offices. His handsome work now stands proudly directing the curious, the helpful and the collaborative our way.

SALT – Still collaborating to build capacity and produce results in order to benefit Schoharie County communities.

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