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Sarah’s Snippets – 6/16/2015

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“When it all boils down, it’s about embracing each others’ stories and maybe even finding that synergy to collaborate for the common good.” — Dhani Jones

“Collaborate” is a buzz word right now. You’ll hear it at meetings, read it in business magazines, and see it written in articles about disaster recovery, music productions, even education. But only when the word is used as a verb and put into action is it meaningful. As I look around the county, there is evidence everywhere that collaborate is being used as an action verb. Recently a meeting was held in the village of Schoharie to discuss the creation of a CFA grant application. The table was full of highly committed individuals from varied organizations who were brought a renewed energy to the table. The meeting’s   goal was to develop the parameters for an application for funding that will continue to move the Main St revitalization efforts forward. The exciting part was the synergy that was being created around the vision for the common good of the village. This meeting was only a single example of the ongoing efforts that are focused on the common good.

In Middleburgh the progress that has been made on the development of Main St.  is also evidence of collaboration. Community leaders have combined with municipal leaders to develop a renewal of the business district. New businesses have landed in Middleburgh, the appearance of the village shopping district is cheerful and inviting, and there is a resurgence of activities to bring people to the village for positive, interactive experiences.  This village in the middle of our county, is an active and intergenerational community that is another example of positive energy morphing into synergy for the common good.

Blenheim has also been experience community energy. The Blenheim Methodist Church, has a new addition to serve as their food pantry and thrift store, both of which were washed away by Irene and Lee. In addition, another building is actively being renovated into a community center which will help bring people together and build even more cohesion in the town. And the possibility of FEMA funding for the covered bridge still exists.

Esperance, at the other end of the creek’s path through the county, is working toward infrastructure upgrades in order to facilitate the development of a more vibrant main street. Meanwhile the traditional flavor of a charming small village is being maintained through such things as the village-wide garage sale day, church activities, and ongoing events at the Arboretium.

The list could go on and on as this collaborative activity is being felt all around the county: utilization of buy-out properties beginning, new housing units being built, SUNY Cobleskill economic start-ups with six businesses and the forecast of 300 jobs (with “Start-Up NY” funds), new restaurants opening in several locations, the development of the Beverage Trail, the resurgence of an active tourism initiative through the Chamber and the County, a growing sense of pride among residents.

All of these things (plus others left unnamed) are the results of collaboration as an action: using the energy and pride to work together for the common good. SALT is proud to be a part of many of the accomplishments mentioned, and a supporter of others. While there is certainly more to be accomplished, the evidence of collaboration that is everywhere provides the energy to continue moving forward toward the vision we share of a fully recovered Schoharie County.

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