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Sarah’s Snippets 5/5

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Anticipation of an upcoming event is exciting. Then sometimes, when the event or occasion happens it is a letdown. The anticipation was actually more fun. However, improved weather is different. This year we anticipated cheerful spring weather for a long time since the harsh winter seemed to drag on and on. The bright sunny days, the gradual appearance of spring flowers, and the solar warmth that has finally arrived is certainly no letdown! Thankfully, the warmer weather can be celebrated for weeks. Just this change in the weather has made people more relaxed and positive, as if everyone is shedding the winter doldrums.

The improved weather also means that it is much easier to be “out and around” the region. Indeed, I have toured various parts of our county and the storm affected areas again recently. In doing so it is easy to see the immense progress that has been made over the last three-plus years. Many, many houses have been restored with people back home. Numerous businesses have returned and new businesses have opened their doors. Work has started on the stream and inlets. Flowers and plants have appeared where there was only mud. Building projects have begun.  New organizations have formed to actively pursue exciting visions. So much to celebrate!

Of course there is much left to be done…houses to rebuild, businesses to return to activity, mitigation to finish, eradication of barren spots, new buildings and new visions to be developed. But if we don’t recognize and celebrate where we have been and the massive progress that has been made, then it will be hard to maintain the energy to continue moving forward. Stop and look around you; what can you celebrate this week? What can you share with others about the joy of forward progress?

When I think about celebrating the progress, many partners and volunteers come to mind. This includes everyone who is assisting with plans for the Bounty of the County celebration weekend coming June 27-28th. This will be the third annual Bounty of the County weekend including the Saturday evening cocktail hour and dinner followed by the Artisan Market and Brunch on Sunday.  Mark your calendars now and plan to join the celebration!

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