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Sarah’s Snippets 5/19/15

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A few years ago an author popularized the notion of keeping a gratitude journal. The idea was to record three things every day that one was grateful for in order to develop a greater awareness of the abundance in one’s life. The process of focusing on the positive and expressing gratitude for those things, regardless of how large or small they seem, can gradually change an individual’s whole outlook on life. It can move a person from grumbling negativity to joyful positivity, and a recognition that we do live in an abundant world.

We were reminded of this again last Friday when the Rotary District, as part of their annual meeting, collaborated with SALT to create an area wide recovery work day. After months of planning and coordination, eighty-nine Rotarian volunteers along with SALT volunteers and staff, worked throughout the area moving forward numerous recovery projects. These projects included painting, vinyl siding, installing electrical lighting, sheet rocking and taping, drainage, flooring, landscaping and assorted smaller projects.  The volunteers worked at homes, businesses, and churches.  In addition, Curtis Lumber, through the Rotarians, donated approximately $3500 worth of materials to combine with SALT’s materials to accomplish the projects. What an amazing day!

We celebrate that projects were completed or moved forward. Even more important were the new relationships that were formed between Rotarians from around the larger region and Schoharie County residents. Many of the Rotarians commented on the friendliness and gratitude shared by local residents. Numerous Rotarians had never traveled to Schoharie County and were enthralled with the beauty of the area as well as the resilience of the people. Because of their involvement in the recovery process, the leaders spoke of the possibility of another work day later in the year to assist even further.

The work could never have gone so smoothly without the months of coordinating and logistical planning by Ken Dingee, the construction director at SALT. In addition, Carl Shephard, board member and regular hands-on volunteer plus Robyn Sedgwick, VISTA  member and Volunteer Coordinator for SALT deserve major applause for making sure the day operated effectively.  SALT staff member Matt Ladd and all of the VISTA and NCCC team members also participated and did a tremendous job of keeping the event “on track.”  Many thanks to each of them!

This day, as well as many we have experienced in the past months of recovery, was an excellent example of abundance. All of these experiences are just part of the reason why gratitude for the abundance of our world is so easy for us to practice!

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