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Sarah’s Snippets – 5/17/2016

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Last week, Rev. Tony Campbell traveled from Michigan to meet with SALT’s Board of Directors and the entire staff team as a follow-up to his March visit. The purpose of his participation was to hear the task forces’ reports regarding the “examination of the components that lead to sustainable community development.”

The first task force examined the qualities of a “premier Board of Directors.” The task force started by discovering premier boards in the region, then studying what makes those boards “premier,” then finding commonalities between the members that make these boards such asset. The goal of this work was to identify the characteristics of success and standard of quality that SALT is striving to attain.

The second task force identified the importance of partnerships needed to pursue sustainable community development. While SALT has been known for its collaborative partnerships, it is essential to identify new partners for the future of our sustainable community development mission. These partnerships need to be organizations that share the vision for improving communities and ones that will be able to add to and benefit from SALT’s strengths, all for the benefit of the mission and common goals. A system for securing new partnerships was also developed as part of the task force work.

The third task force identified successful non-profits in the region that had a sustainable model and proven track record. The task force first identified what created sustainable non-profits and then found regional examples. Not surprisingly, the top models of sustainability have the support of a premier board of directors.

Finally, the messaging task force worked to identify a primary focus that SALT will follow toward our vision. After examining SALT’s strengths and impacts over the past four and a half years, as well as our goals for future work, the group considered a number of models and best practices on which we could build our success. The work culminated in an updated messaging focus that uses the Asset Based Community Development model.

Rev. Campbell guided the Board and staff in development of a follow-up strategy for applying the task force findings. This work will lead SALT to evolve in our mission of leading the area toward vibrant community sustainability.
The five year anniversary of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee will be in August. SALT looks forward to celebrating the amazing accomplishments and recovery work of every resident, business, and community, and to unveiling exciting plans for achieving continued successes.

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