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Sarah’s Snippets 5/12/15

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Last week’s Snippets mentioned how grateful we are for the volunteers who partner with us and who have helped the area move forward by leaps and bounds. There are also many partners that have assisted SALT and helped the area, yet remain “under the radar.”

One of these partner groups is our local BOCES. This school does an amazing job of training young people for their futures as employable graduates and contributing citizens. The programs are varied and meet multiple needs of high school youth.  The school also operates with a philosophy of educating the whole person which includes sharing their talents with the community. Early in the recovery their students were among the multiple groups and individuals helping in their communities assisting the cleanup of their neighborhoods and in their own homes.

But the BOCES program has continued to assist whenever they have been called upon for help. The culinary department has catered various meetings for SALT since our nonprofit status allows us to purchase their services.  The food has been skillfully prepared and presented, and there was always an ample amount. Best of all, those people participating in the meal raved about it! Upon graduation these young people will be able to move into jobs or higher educational opportunities.

Recently, I also experienced the work of the cosmetology department at an appointment that was shared by a few other friends. The young women who provided the facials were very professional, friendly, and bright students. They made the experience relaxing and special for all of us.  After visiting with these budding cosmetologists, it was obvious that they are being prepared well for their futures. Some are planning to attend college next year, while others will begin their careers after graduation.

One of the graduates from our local BOCES program will be featured as the “guest chef” at our Bounty of the County dinner to benefit SALT, scheduled for June 27th. Chef Tyler DeGroff, Chef de Cuisine at New World Bistro Bar (which is owned by Celebrity Chef Ric Orlando) was raised in Schoharie, graduated from the local BOCES culinary department, and began working in the field right after graduation. Following his early work with several restaurants, he found employment with Ric Olando. Because of his talent, creativity, and dedication to the profession Tyler has worked his way up through the ranks to the position of Chef de Cuisine at age 26. We are excited that he has agreed to prepare our meal for Bounty of the County! The gala event will showcase the abundance of Schoharie County’s food producers and the “homegrown” talent of Chef Tyler DeGroff. It promises to be an evening to remember!

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