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Sarah’s Snippets – 5/10/16

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Earlier in the year Snippets shared that a group of graduate students from the University at Albany would be assisting with SALT’s Schoharie County Trail Feasibility Study. These students from the Graduate Regional Planning Program, in partnership with SALT, developed a Creek Trail concept plan as their studio project. Last week these students made a presentation to the local community about their research and project findings.

Quoting their project’s executive summary: “The purpose of the project was to advance the planning process for a 38-mile trail along the Schoharie Creek from Esperance to Blenheim–a concept that has been coalescing for decades to enhance resilience, recreational opportunities, and economic development in the Schoharie Valley. The Studio completed three tasks: 1) conducted a public involvement process, 2) developed baseline data for the vision plan based on analysis of existing conditions, as well as opportunities and challenges, and 3) developed a Vision Plan for a trail through the Schoharie Valley.”

The numerous hours of work resulted in a 101-page concept plan report full of information about Schoharie County’s many assets and potential for the future trail. The Trail Feasibility Study advisory committee will be able to utilize this valuable information as they continue moving forward with the study. The work conducted by these outstanding students equals approximately $40,000 worth of donated time and talent – all to the benefit the county!

Through their collaboration with SALT, these students have created a tremendous resource for Schoharie County. Nationally known professor of the class, Dr. Jeff Olsen, stated at the area presentation that this studio project was one of the best he had ever conducted. The outstanding quality of the preparation by SALT staff Jerrine Corrallo and VISTA member, Jin Kim, combined with the scope of the project and its challenges plus the warmth of the local Schoharie County residents, made this an ideal project for an exceptional group of graduate students.

Confucius was quoted as saying: “Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.” These students have been a sensational support in preparing SALT and the advisory team for the successful development of the Schoharie Creek Trail. SALT is very grateful to the students of this Studio Class for their dedication, their high quality of work and their deep dedication to the project.

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