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Sarah’s Snippets 4/3

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April begins on the same day of the week as July every year, and as January in leap years. Who knew?

A praying mantis has only one ear and it is located in the center of its head. Really?

On average, a person blinks about 4 million times per year. Wow!

(sourced from the website:

 Ah, trivia. These little facts are fun to share and even marvel over. But think about how much of our lives are made up of “trivial” facts. Our overall knowledge base is composed of many bits of information that we process in various ways to come to understandings, to arrive at values, to make decisions, and to communicate with others. And of course each person individually amasses their own “collection” of trivia from their own life experiences combined with their personality. From these “collections” we all have to interact with each other and expect to communicate easily and effectively. Is it any wonder that relationships are challenging?

At SALT we work diligently on relationships between staff members. Our in-service trainings and coaching sessions with staff often focus on relationship building. One of the key ingredients is thinking about the other person’s “collection of trivia,” what they bring to the table from their personal experience, their values, and their view of the world. In other words, where they are on their life’s journey. Considering the other person’s perspective is vital for relationship building. Positive relationships are the key to building trust which is essential for building effective teams who can work together to achieve more than could ever be possible with groups of individuals.

The same is true with partnerships between organizations. The perspective of each member of a partnership group is valuable, indeed essential, to consider when building positive corporate relationships. This information creates a deepened level of understanding, creates increased levels of trust, and increases the organizations’ ability to work together effectively.

In most relationship situations, it is better to reach understanding and be strengthened by collaborative efforts than to be right. All of our “collections of trivia,” mean little if they can’t be put to good use through effective relationships.

And then there is the whole issue of communicating with each other with our varied collections. But, that is a Snippets for another day …

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