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Sarah’s Snippets – 3/29/2016

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One definition of courage could be the willingness to step into the unknown (or the uncertain) and allow current stereotypes to be challenged. Everyone has stereotypes or stories in their head about other people, groups, or locations based on their past. These stories might come from experiences or from things one was taught based on another’s beliefs. Unless one is willing to challenge these, misinformation and generalizations get passed along as absolute truths.

Last week SALT held the kick-off meeting for our Trail Feasibility Study. Close to 40 attendees were present. Of that number, many represented local groups, so actually hundreds of local residents had a voice at the meeting. In addition, out of county representatives from NYS DOS and DOT, Appalachian Mountain Club, Schoharie River Center, and Mohawk River Watershed were also present. All in all, it was a very diverse group.

Jerrine Corrallo, project director, and Jin Kim, VISTA member, introduced the proposed steps of the Trail Feasibility Study including the steps required by the grantor. At various points of the presentation the audience had opportunities to provide feedback. During these response breaks numerous members of the audience shared varying points of view, suggestions and concerns. These comments were all made with consideration for the project’s goal and for other people in the room. While the attendees did not always agree with each other, there was no defensiveness demonstrated. Quite the opposite was true–suggestions were shared about ways the differing groups could work together to help make the project work effectively.

The ultimate goal of the Trail Feasibility Study is to develop a multi-use trail that will be available to local residents and tourists alike. By focusing on the dream, people were able to find common ground. By stepping into the unknown and allowing themselves to challenge their current stereotypes, the audience members became positive partners and helped the project to take a big step forward.

Courage comes in many forms. Thank you Jerrine and Jin for opening the door to this courage with an excellent presentation. The advisory committee will be formed soon so the study can continue the positive forward progress. Stay tuned!

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