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Sarah’s Snippets 3/27

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Collaborate: “to work, one with another; cooperate”  Have you noticed what a “buzz word” this has become? It is seen in many publications, required for grant applications, and desired for expanding capacity. I feel as if it is about time we all realized how valuable this process of collaborating is versus the emphasis on individuality and going it alone.

Yesterday the Mohawk Valley Economic Development District’s volunteer program “Keep Mohawk Valley Beautiful” (associated with the national Keep America Beautiful program) held an awards luncheon to recognize three winners from each county that is part of the district: Fulton, Herkimer, Montgomery, Oneida, Otsego, and Schoharie. Eighteen people (representing the work of eighteen groups or municipalities) accepted the 2015 Distinguished Service Awards in recognition of service to their communities.  I was honored to be one of the three recipients for Schoharie County.

Keep Mohawk Valley Beautiful (KMVB) “unites citizens, businesses, and government to work on a variety of projects and solutions that advance three core objectives—preventing litter, reducing waste and beautifying communities—to further the sustainability and economic vitality of the cities, towns and villages in the Mohawk Valley”.

The recipients of these awards represented a large variety of organizations and municipalities ranging from large to quite small. But in each case, the groups employed collaborative efforts to achieve their goals. They worked with numerous individuals and other organizations sharing like visions. These kinds of collaborative achievements only happen after bridges of understanding have been built. Before goals could be achieved, relationships had to be developed that built trust so that individuals in their groups had the confidence to move forward toward vision together.

Everyone in attendance must have felt the strength that had developed from the collaborative efforts represented by the achievements shared yesterday.  It was inspiring to be in the room with so many in our region who understand the importance of these collaborative relationships and who are working to develop that value in others. SALT is honored to be part of this group that was recognized. And we are even more excited about the future of our region because of the collaborative strength being developed that will benefit the whole area.

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