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Sarah’s Snippets – 3/22/2016

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Last week was St. Patrick’s Day ,when they say everyone is Irish for the day and has a reason to celebrate. Sunday was the vernal equinox and the beginning of ‘Act Happy Week.’ We just finished ‘Chocolate Chip Cookie Week’ and we’re beginning ‘American Chocolate Week.’ Those three are certainly reasons to celebrate. In addition, today is ‘National as Young as You Feel Day.’  And to top it all off, today is also ‘National Goof-Off Day.’ Wow!

For some reason, the song, “If You’re Happy and You Know It” (clap your hands!) is now running through my mind! One thing research shows is that when we act happy, laugh and purposely enjoy life, we begin to feel better. Happiness begets happiness! The same is true for laughter. When one person laughs others find themselves laughing too.

Celebrations of all kinds usually involve having a good time. They often help us recall positive events or accomplishments, thus their significance becomes elevated. Celebrations also serve as a source of renewal for the tasks that remain.

So the question is why don’t we stop and celebrate more often? Is the next project or task on the “to do list” so important that we forget to celebrate?  It seems that this week is a perfect chance to adjust that pattern and find something to celebrate, even if it is pausing to enjoy that piece of chocolate!

SALT and this County have many reasons to celebrate. There have been numerous accomplishments that everyone has made in moving forward since the flood. Although there are often struggles to make the accomplishments happen, we continue struggling through and reaching progress. Wahoo! Congratulations to everyone who has been part of this progress!

One more thing to note: this week is also “National Community Champions Week.”  There are so many people who qualify as community champions—the volunteers who continue to serve, the leaders who commit their time to working their vision for making the county better, the business owners who risk their finances to provide economic resources,  the college youth who invigorate the county with fresh ideas, the parents who are committed to raising responsible citizens for tomorrow,  our faith-based organizations too are always ready to care for our citizens, our agencies that help residents move forward, and more.

All of these champions give us reasons to celebrate!

While there will always be things we need to improve or change, we have so much to celebrate. Celebrations renew our energy and commitment for the struggles that remain. So today, goof-off a little. Or at the very least, have a quiet celebration with a delicious piece of chocolate!

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