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Sarah’s Snippets 3/20

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“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have you ever noticed how much difference enthusiasm makes? It becomes the energy that drives ideas forward, and often the thrust needed to create progress. It is also infectious.

Several recent interactions have had me reflecting on the importance of this ingredient. The Rotary District of NE NY has approached SALT about doing a service project in the area when they have their spring conference in Schoharie County. The Rotarians propose to bring a group of contractors and general volunteers to work on some of the outstanding building projects that remain damaged from the flooding of 2011. These include several homes, church structures, and businesses. While it’s a big goal, the impact would be huge. Yet, their desire to help the recovery effort and their enthusiasm for the project is unmistakable. We are excited about the potential of this service project and we appreciate their enthusiastic willingness to move it forward.

Tyler DeGroff grew up in Schoharie County. After graduating from the BOCES culinary program he pursued this vocation under the tutelage of various area chefs. Presently the Head Chef at “New World Bistro and Bar” in Albany (a Ric Orlando establishment) Tyler has agreed to be our guest chef for the Bounty of the County benefit dinner in June. He is so enthusiastic about the area where he grew up, the locally produced food products available, and the chance to combine the two in a special dinner menu. In addition, he hopes to move back to the area with his wife because he values the country life-style that is available here, so close to the capitol region where he works. His enthusiasm is contagious!

Tyler and his wife Mindy are not the only young people who share an enthusiasm for all the county has to offer. The new VISTA members at SALT are excited about the potential they observe here. I know of several optimistic young people who have started new businesses, others who are restoring damaged homes, and still more who have taken on service projects to beautify the area and/or assist the area youth. They are enthusiastic participants in Schoharie County’s assets while increasing those assets with their involvement.

Their enthusiasm is worth noting. They are acting on some of the potential that others only talk about. They remind us of the reasons we have all worked to recover from the devastating floods of 2011.  Don’t let them stand alone. As spring arrives (officially today), renew your personal “Schoharie enthusiasm” and share it generously with all you meet! Do it because we are all in the process of creating something great together: communities that are vibrant, thriving, resilient, and sustainable.

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