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Sarah’s Snippets – 3/1/2016

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“Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold”. These words belong to a song learned long ago as a young Girl Scout. Simple words, but  appropriate for the present time at SALT.

Last week we welcomed a new member of our Americorps VISTA volunteer team,  Joanna Ostroot who hails from western NY.  During her college years at Geneseo, Joanna knew a person from Schoharie who talked about the flooding that had engulfed her town. When Joanna decided to do a year of service following graduation, and an opportunity was available for Schoharie county, Joanna knew it was the right match for her.

Joining the staff last week was Laura Morace who is moving to the area from the Hudson Valley. Laura is the new VISTA supervisor. She brings with her a varied background in working with people which includes art and environmental therapy, supervision, and creative development. We welcome Laura to the area and to the staff.

Also new to the staff is our part-time administrative assistant, Wannetta Thomas. Wannetta also brings a wealth of knowledge and experience combined with a passion for serving a non-profit and community revitalization.

Three new friends, all silver, all expected to be valuable additions to the community and SALT. But their arrival also signals the loss of old friends, VISTA Robyn  Sedgwick and VISTA supervisor  Jill Kubiak. This is the hard part of change.

Robyn Sedgwick has served with SALT for 18 months. Because of her role, she is well-known to the community for her outreach, passion, and commitment to moving the area closer to revitalization.  Her leadership helped make the Kits for Kids and Hope for the Homebound programs successful, among many other accomplishments. Robyn is moving to a job at the NYS historical site in Kingston,  the State Senate House. Following her passion for history, Robyn will be a guide and researcher there.

Jill Kubiak has been the VISTA supervisor since August 2014. During her time with SALT, Jill has led VISTA volunteers through personal development challenges, creative program development, and their varied daily tasks.  Because of her giftedness for organizational strategizing and training, she has also led staff trainings and shared her talents with Board members as well.  Jill is moving to Georgia to attend graduate school.

Jill and Robyn have been valuable members of the SALT team. They are indeed gold. They have left their mark with SALT and are a treasured part of our history. While their leaving is a loss, we celebrate with them on the next steps of their journey.

“Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.” What a valuable trait of being human that we have the capacity for both.

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