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Sarah’s Snippets 2/6

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Tuesday was Groundhog Day, the day we watch a groundhog come out of his hole to observe whether or not he sees his shadow. We do this, of course, to learn what the weather will be like for the remainder of the winter. Hmmm. Sounds rather silly, doesn’t it? Yet we readily participate in this ritual, watch anxiously to see what happens when he emerges, and celebrate or mourn the results. This is how the tradition, or myth, operates. We know there is no basis for believing it, but we participate in it anyway. In a way, this tradition becomes part of our operating system.

While this is a harmless myth, perhaps there are other parts of our operating systems that are not so harmless — parts that keep us (and our organizations) from moving forward. As humans, we are social beings who need to feel safe and secure. When we operate in systems that meet these requirements, we function more efficiently and can be more creative. Families and organizations that provide a safe and secure culture by creating a supportive environment experience much higher levels of achievement.

The SALT staff members are a good example of people who value this kind of supportive environment and constantly work to ensure a safe and secure organization. This safety from within creates strength for dealing with the challenges (threats) from the outside. In his book Leaders Eat Last, Simon Sinek writes, “The ability of a group of people to do remarkable things hinges on how well those people pull together as a team. The feeling of belonging, shared values and a deep sense of empathy dramatically enhances trust, cooperation, and problem solving. A group of people [team] that feels no fear from within is much better able to handle challenges [dangers] from without.”

SALT has achieved remarkable things. We will continue to do this because of the strong team of leaders who value each other and maintain a safe and secure culture of support. My wish is that other organizations would spend as much time developing secure environments for their team as they do criticizing their disappointing results or blaming outside influences. Stronger teams not only work better within, but with their outside partners as well.

(Simon Sinek can be seen on TED talks. He also wrote the book Start With Why)

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