Sarah’s Snippets 2/16/2016

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Sarah’s Snippets 2/16/2016

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Recently I met with one of our local community leaders. The meeting was to share updates and plans for furthering long-term recovery efforts with each other. After explaining many exciting ideas that he is trying to facilitate, his speech became hesitant. He apologized for becoming emotional. Then he expressed his gratitude for SALT, stating that if it were not for the commitment of SALT to the community and the work of the volunteers, he would have left following the flood.

With a house in ruins, feeling disillusioned and fearful, he had no idea how to attempt recovery alone. This person had lived in the area all of his life, yet he was ready to walk away. However, a long-term SALT volunteer approached him and offered a helping hand accompanied by encouragement. The offer included a caveat: If, after seeing what SALT’s volunteers could accomplish, he still was ready to leave, we would understand.  That conversation was the turning point for this individual who stated, “If it weren’t for SALT, I wouldn’t be here.”

Not only has this person stayed, he has dedicated himself to doing whatever he is able to help the community move forward. His goal is to help create long term-solutions that will provide opportunities for young people to stay in the county and help build our future.

SALT and this county are extremely grateful for the vast generosity of the many individuals, volunteers and residents alike, who choose to dedicate their energies to bettering our community and building a bright future for all.

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