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Sarah’s Snippets 2/13

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This week a local ski area sponsored a tubing event as a fundraiser for SALT. My seven- and nine-year-old grandchildren went with me and had a wonderful evening, tubing for the first time. On the way home I suggested that they leave their entrance tags clipped to their jackets so they could tell their friends about their experience at school. The next morning my seven-year-old grandson quipped, “I’m going to be all the buzz on the playground today with my tubing tag!”

Such enthusiasm and excitement!

All the buzz for me this week is the value of partnerships. Snippets has dealt with this topic in the past, but it is important to revisit it. Last week I spoke about the importance of team building, of feeling safe and secure within in order to deal with the challenges from outside. Building partnerships can also be an important element in creating the circle of safety that supports increased creativity and productivity. When partners join the effort, it is important that they understand this circle of safety and work within its parameters. This understanding serves to increase the strength of the overall work.

Imagine a wagon wheel with a center hub and spokes leading outward to the rim. In this example, SALT is the hub: a circle of safety. Then imagine that our partners are the spokes. We can see that when the partners are in harmony with the hub they help it to move around smoothly. The spokes are not all the same, not all pointing in the same direction, but together they create an even larger circle of safety: the wheel that moves the hub and all the spokes expeditiously – and safely — forward toward their shared goal.

SALT has been fortunate to have such partners, individuals and groups who work in harmony with us to move the vision forward. Just this week five new partners have agreed to be active parts of this moving wheel: two as distinguished board members, one as a valuable volunteer, the fourth (a large organization) as a resource to assist with some of the challenging rebuilding projects that remain, and finally, a national organization that will assist with leadership development.  Is it any wonder that I am “buzzing” with excitement about partners?

On another topic, we have had quite a hard winter with lots of snow and cold…plus more of the same forecast for the coming days. People are feeling discouraged.  Yet one morning this week Mother Nature graced the area with a winter wonderland. A heavy frost coated every tree and shrub, and the rising sun caused the countryside to come alive with sparkles as if it had been sprinkled with sugar crystals.  The unexpected beauty of this morning gift energized me to get through the rest of winter.   I hope you will find an energizing gift as well.

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