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Sarah’s Snippets 1/5/2016

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Have you ever experienced a life-changing occurrence, such as an unexpected chance meeting or an event that completely changed the course of your life? I was reading a story recently in which this happened: A woman happened to meet someone in a random way but her life was completely altered by their brief encounter. This led me to reflect on the event that changed the course of my life, and so many others in Schoharie County…the flooding of Irene and Lee.

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” Charles R. Swindoll

A vast amount of progress has been made since August 2011 because of the way people reacted to this life-changing event. The energy, commitment, and long-lasting determination demonstrated by people individually and as parts of groups, have worked together to keep the area moving forward. But there is more to the progress.

Another part is the ability to believe in the potential of the area, not only to recover but to use the flood event as the springboard to a future that is better than ever before for everyone who lives here or travels here. Economic and community development are a major part of this potential; that is, seeing what can be and working to make the potential a reality.

This requires working together in public and private collaborative partnerships that have the advantage of collective thinking. In the past this has been a challenge locally. It seems that many sectors have preferred functioning in their own worlds without recognizing the value of cooperation. Or perhaps it was easier to function alone than to have the patience to work with others who do not always view situations the same way. But in order for change to happen, individuals and organizations must come together in order to pursue a positive future with the most strength.

“Change happens by listening and then starting a dialogue with the people you disagree with.Jane Goodall

At the beginning of this new year, it is SALT’s goal to develop more cooperative partnerships, to create more ways to work together with public and private entities, and to facilitate more progress toward positive change by listening and entering into dialogue.

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