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Sarah’s Snippets 12/8/2015

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The holiday season is upon us! All around we are being encouraged to feel the excitement of the season, to share good times at parties, to enjoy the shopping, to dive into preparations, and to revel in the actual celebration of whichever holiday is one’s tradition.

What a contrast that is to other messages from the world around us. We are deluged with horrible news about mass shootings around the country and around the globe. We are bombarded with reactionary statements about terrorism and the things that ought to make us fearful. We hear about friends with serious illnesses, relatives undergoing difficulties with family relationships, neighbors who are experiencing financial stresses. Some of the challenges may even exist within our personal families. These contradictory pressures can create additional stress for each of us.

SALT’s work is even more important in light of these struggles and contradictions. Along with community partners, SALT’s work of strengthening communities and increasing economic stability is vital so all members of the county can feel a sense of security where they live. In a world that feels chaotic and threatening, individuals need a community where one feels a sense of belonging, a sense of safety, and a sense of long-term commitment. These can help bring comfort to each person living in that community, even in the face of world chaos.

As we move through this holiday period there are many community successes to celebrate. These successes also provide the motivation to keep moving forward together, in order that our communities will become even stronger and provide residents places of respite from the stresses of the world.


On a different note, congratulations to one of SALT’s past VISTA members, Chris Smalls! Chris left SALT after his term of service ended in 2013. Following a temporary position Chris landed a job pursuing his goal of working in human services at Parson’s Children and Family Services in Albany. Chris was recently named “Employee of the Year” at Parson’s! Chris was an exemplary VISTA member while at SALT. It seems he has found his true calling in this work and we wish him continued success!

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