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Sarah’s Snippets 1/23/15

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“Thrillifying”.  This coined word describes the feeling you get when you’re full of excited anticipation about an upcoming event, challenge, or situation and at the same time you’re filled with terror about it. Think of a physical challenge you took on in the past: a 5K run, for instance. As the race approached, you probably anticipated it with great excitement while also feeling fearful of failure. You were “thrillified”

            This past week, our all-staff workshop focused on SALT’s goals for 2015. We broke goals down into manageable steps; assigned responsibility and accountability; developed measurable markers, and assigned deadlines to each action step. The result was rather “thrillifying”! Once again the staff has set high standards for achievement in order to continue moving the Schoharie Creek Basin forward toward renewal in 2015.

In 2015 we intend to:

  • Move NY Rising Housing cases to closure through advocacy and direct support

  • Develop follow-up resources for clients working with our MSW intern

  • Determine locations for Volunteer Reception Centers (VRC)

  • Recruit and train volunteers to staff VRCs

  • Recruit and coordinate volunteers for specific programs/project activities

  • Partner with RPI for development of an augmented reality trail

  • Move forward with the feasibility study that is the first step of the Trail Project to boost economic development, green technology utilization, and area-wide tourism

  • Distinguish resources to help re-establish businesses and new home owners

  • Ensure that all area businesspeople understand the necessity of having copies of all essential information in safe, off-site locations, in case of disaster

  • Upgrade SALT’s marketing strategies through: revised website, updated brochure, and targeted marketing for various population groups

  • Bring final construction recovery projects to closure

  • Create a monthly PR video to keep the public informed and engaged

  • Increase daily website “hits” to 100

  • Increase the weekly email hits by 10% and the site clicks by 3%

  • Include more “user need” articles and links in weekly email

  • Customize and use Salesforce documents for data collection for all projects

  • Train all new VISTAs on Salesforce within their first month of service

  • Develop the SALT model program and present it in public forum by end of 2015

  • Add 100 names to the contact list for fund development per quarter

  • Submit grant applications to develop funding for program activities

            And on and on it goes for five pages! Definitely, a busy year is ahead!

The best part of this process is the excitement it has generated. Staff and VISTAs have renewed energy and commitment to their work with SALT. This, in turn, will serve the community well as we move forward, working for the renewal of the area. This will increase the confidence local residents and businesses have in their decision to make or keep their home in the Schoharie Creek Basin.

Many thanks to the staff and VISTAs for their hard work. I am excited to be a part of the future we are creating with these goals!

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