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Sarah’s Snippets 12/29/2015

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A friend of mine carries a small notebook or folded piece of paper in his shirt pocket daily. On this paper he writes his “do” list for the day, and crosses off items as they are accomplished. However, two items are on that list every single day. These two items are both questions: one to begin his day, and one to end his day. Each morning begins with “What will I do to contribute to a better world today?” This question dominates his thinking as he creates the rest of his list. Each evening as the day’s list is reviewed, he asks himself the last question: “What did I contribute to a better world today and what could I do better?”

These questions seem especially appropriate for this time of year. As SALT reviews 2015, we are keenly aware of our vision for vibrant, thriving, resilient, and sustainable communities for Schoharie County. We are grateful for the numerous people who have worked faithfully toward that goal this year: numerous regular volunteers, community members, special volunteer groups, generous donors and corporate partners, VISTA volunteers, staff, and our Board of Directors.

As we look forward to 2016, we pledge to keep these questions in mind and to work each day to contribute to a better world for the people we serve. The following paraphrase of a prayer by W. R. Hunt is our hope for the coming year as we continue moving forward toward that better world.

May we be granted

friends who support and understand our goals;

work to do which has real value in moving this area forward;

understanding hearts;

minds unafraid to be open to new ideas and unafraid to travel the trail that will be most effective, even if it is also the rockiest;

a good sense of humor;

time to reflect on the past in order to plan for the future more wisely;

patience to wait for the growth of ideas planted, and the wisdom to recognize when they bloom.

Happy New Year 2016!

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