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Sarah’s Snippets 1/19/2016

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“It is not about being the BEST, it is about being BETTER than you were yesterday.” (unknown)

Last week our email put the spotlight on Rachael Blaas, a past VISTA member who served with SALT. She spoke about the opportunities her time in Schoharie county provided, and about her personal growth during her year of service. Her comments caused me to reflect about all the VISTAs who have served this area since SALT was first awarded the VISTA contract in 2012.

Each one brought a willingness to serve, a desire to help the area, and a variety of skills.  They came full of enthusiasm about the ways they could make a difference with their contributions.  And they arrived with many different perspectives and past experiences. But perhaps what they did not realize was how their year of service would impact them.

Schoharie Area Long Term is all about opportunities. Our history has been developed by seeing opportunities to serve individuals and the community at large, then taking advantage of those opportunities. It has been about finding the gifts of the people who are part of our work, whether as volunteers, employees, or VISTA members, and helping them develop those gifts for the benefit of our mission. It has been about creating opportunities for personal growth by challenging individuals to become a little better than they were yesterday for the benefit of the residents of this county and this region.

The group of VISTAs serving with SALT at the present time illustrates these points. An outstanding group of bright individuals, they willingly accept new opportunities to step into challenges, to grow, and to serve more effectively each day. In addition, they willingly share their skills and knowledge with the staff, so together we become an ever stronger team who achieves a high level of accomplishments.

We are currently interviewing to hire another VISTA team member. While the bar has been set high by the active VISTA members and alumni, we are confident that the next person will be equal to the task. Focusing the collaborative energy and brain power toward the mission of long range renewal will keep us climbing upward toward the goal.

“We have not wings, we cannot soar; but, we have feet to scale and climb, by slow degrees, by more and more, the cloudy summits of our time.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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