Sarah’s Snippets 11/9/2015

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Sarah’s Snippets 11/9/2015

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“Tis the season,” we often say, to indicate that the time is right for a certain occurrence. Late fall is the season for fund-raising efforts by numerous organizations, connecting to the giving mind-set of the upcoming holidays.

My 10 year old granddaughter was anxious to participate in the “shoebox gift” campaign where shoeboxes are filled with gifts and shared with children in need around the world. As we drove to do the shopping recently, she could hardly contain her excitement about doing this for other children. As she chose items for the boxes, she talked about the joy another child would receive from each gift, how exciting it would be for a child to share the bars of soap with their family, and how special having school supplies would be. Since she remembers when her family had few material possessions and other people made their holiday special with generous donations, she wanted to make sure other children would have a special holiday too. She even spoke about how warm she felt inside because she could do this. For her, the giving was not about the amount of her money she was spending, but about the joy her money would bring through the gifts. The shoebox program was creating an opportunity for her to use her money to touch the lives of other children.

SALT is conducting a fund-raising campaign during November and December. It is our hope that when considering your gift to SALT, you will see this campaign as an opportunity for you to use your money to touch the lives of people. The dollars you generously donate will be utilized for SALT programs that will continue to create a region where people feel deeply connected, where they invest in their community because that connection drives them to work for the good of all.

SALT understands that you consider your donations seriously. Therefore SALT pledges to steward your dollars wisely as we move closer to the vision of a revitalized community where each person feels the comfort of knowing that their future is getting brighter.

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