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Sarah’s Snippets 11/7

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My seven-year-old grandson, Tim, who lives with us, wanted to join Cub Scouts this year. He was very excited about all the activities that were promised as part of being a Scout: fishing, hiking, camping, building things, etc.
As the evening of his first meeting approached, Tim’s level of excited anticipation increased. Finally, the night arrived. After a rushed dinner, Tim gathered his belongings and was about to head out the door with Grandpa when he burst into tears. Surprised and concerned, Grandpa asked what was wrong.
“I can’t go!” exclaimed Tim.  “I don’t have my fishing pole, or my tent, or my hammer!”In Tim’s mind, the Cub Scouts would be doing all the things he had heard about that very evening! Once Grandpa explained that he would be introduced to these adventures gradually over the course of the school year, he skipped happily out the door.Have you ever failed to adequately communicate information to others who need it? This may be because you and the person or group you are addressing do not share the same frame of reference or the same knowledge base about the subject at hand. It may be that you did not convey the information completely. Or maybe the way you express yourself is not a good fit with the other person’s listening style. Whatever the reason, unless the recipient is “on the same page”, he or she may not respond as expected to what you say.

Communicating effectively can be complex and challenging. However, a few key practices can make a positive difference:

  • Know your audience, and design the message for them.
  • Check any written communications for clarity and accuracy.
  • Remember that listening is a major part of communication, so listen for signs that the communication was understood.
  • When necessary clarify the message quickly.
The SALT website is being updated with these ideas and practices in mind. It is our goal to provide readers with information that is personally meaningful and useful. Photos and videos, as well as internal and external links to related subjects, will make it even more fun to peruse!
The website will continue to keep you updated about our current activities, plans, and opportunities for community involvement, and it will archive SALT’s history, as well.   Keep watching as the website evolves and give us your feedback – we are listening!(If, in addition to receiving Sarah’s Snippets, you are not on our mailing list for the weekly newsletter, you can subscribe here:

Remember to join us this evening for A Taste of Schoharie, our fundraising dinner at A Taste of Europe, in East Cobleskill on Route 145 across from Ecker Hollow Road.

A delicious dinner featuring local products will be accompanied by beautiful live music. It promises to be a perfect way to end a busy week.

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