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Sarah’s Snippets 11/30/2015

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A friend recently shared a photo with me that portrayed a small, tiger-striped kitten looking into a puddle of water.  Gazing back from the puddle was an actual tiger. Many different lessons can be derived from the photo, but today I am thinking about courage–the courage each of us need daily to effectively move through life.

Activities that require courage can differ for each person, depending upon where on life’s journey a person is in that moment.  Whatever the challenge may be, stepping into it requires courage that we may not feel. It’s as if we are the kitten that needs to tap into the tiger within ourselves.  Often taking that leap into the challenge, as a tiger would leap after large prey, requires vulnerability. It requires that we allow others to view the kitten within us, that part of us we believe is not good enough to accomplish the challenge presented.  It requires moving out of the comfort zone where we feel safe and know the rules.

Whenever reflecting on the history of SALT and Schoharie County since August 2011, I remember the courage it took to move through the early stages of recovery. The courage of families and business owners to keep moving forward when they were exhausted; to maintain hope when it felt as if their past had disappeared; to encourage others when they were discouraged themselves; to keep believing in a vision for the future and letting that belief drive their actions. Although that phase of recovery is part of our history, the present also requires courage.

The recovery is not finished regardless of the surface appearance. The present requires courage to continue believing in the vision, and to keep moving toward that vision. It takes courage to stay focused on the long-term. It takes courage to seek opportunities to keep building the future together and courage to take advantage of opportunities when they appear.  It takes courage to continue raising funds to support programs that will lead the area to a better future.

In short, it takes courage to allow the tiger that lives within us to come out and aid us in stepping into the challenges.  SALT, our partners, and members of the community are working together create a collective vigor that infuses each of us with enough courage to accomplish the tasks before us. Let us take advantage of this tremendous resource and utilize this invigorated courage to build the future we desire.

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