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Sarah’s Snippets 11/21

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It’s been all over the news this week — another weather emergency.This time it’s a huge snow storm hitting western New York State.  Although folks there are used to lots and lots of snow, such a great amount falling in one area in such a short of time is unusual, even for Buffalo. People are stuck in their homes behind six-to-eight-foot walls of heavy snow. How do you even get outside to shovel or do anything else with such an immensity of snow when you can’t open your front door?Even more important, how can anyone get in to help if you have an emergency?Ironically, this is happening at the same time that SALT’s Hope for the Homebound emergency ready kits are being assembled and prepared for distribution next week.  While we are not fighting the same storm here as are our western neighbors, what they are going through right now reminds us of the importance of being prepared for a weather emergency.

Every household needs to have some basic essentials “at the ready,” because a weather emergency can happen at any time of the year. The SALT H4H kits are designed to help people who are homebound be able to handle one of these emergencies. For more information on wintertime readiness, read this week’s  SALT newsletter article, 7 Ways to Prepare for Winter. Is your household prepared with its “ready” kit?

The present emergency reminds us also of the tremendous support that our community received from “neighbors” near and far following the devastation wrought by Irene and Lee three years ago. In the same spirit of generosity, the Middleburgh Fire Department and the Summit Fire Department have sent volunteer teams to western New York to assist the fire departments there. We congratulate these groups for responding to the need of our western “neighbors” by so graciously sharing their time and skills.

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