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Sarah’s Snippets 11/17/2019

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Taboo: “forbidden because of what are held to be dangerous and/or supernatural powers.” It seems that there are not many subjects in our society that are still considered to be taboo. Of the few that remain, money is at the top of the list. There is plenty of discussion about spending one’s money to obtain things, and there is discussion about how important it is to make more money. But, when it comes to discussing how an individual uses their money personally, it is still off-limits in our culture. This phenomenon is interesting since money is an integral part of our lives and our ability to achieve the necessities as well as the niceties.

When we share our money via charitable donations, it is because we believe in their mission. Said differently, we believe in the “why” of the organization. Recently I had a couple of conversations with community people that explain the SALT why. The first was a woman who burst into tears when I saw her at a local store. She shared her personal flood story including her fears and frustrations, and her immense relief when SALT volunteers arrived to help. She ended her story by saying that “SALT saved my life; I never could have recovered without you”. Four plus years after the flood event she still feels this level of gratitude.

A young man, who was a college student at the time of the Irene event, shared that he had worked on a site where the house had washed away. While he was there the owners arrived and were searching for items to salvage. The father kept repeating, “It’s gone, our house is just gone”, as he walked the property. When the young daughter ran up to her father with an electrical box and said “Look Daddy, here is a piece of our house I found for you,” the young observer broke down. As he recalled this story to me, he said the memory of this family is why he continues to donate and to volunteer. “We aren’t done yet”, he told me.

As stated in last week’s Snippets, money really creates opportunities. For SALT, money (via donations) creates the opportunities to continue helping people move forward toward full recovery. It creates opportunities to develop the possibilities for a future where jobs and recreation are readily available for all local residents. It creates opportunities to harness the energy of many individuals who are dedicated to this region in order to improve the quality of life for all people living here.

Money is still a taboo subject? Perhaps. However, we boldly ask for donations so we can continue working with you to make our shared vision a reality. The vision is not only our mission, it is our passion. Be a part of it!

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