Sarah’s Snippets 10/26/2015

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Sarah’s Snippets 10/26/2015

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Celebrations are often reserved only for official holidays. Some people don’t like to spend the money or time on celebrations. For others, celebrations may be a negative reminder of difficult occasions in the past. Yet, celebrations are important enough that even the government sets aside specific days each year to be observed as holidays, or days for celebrating. Why are they important? Perhaps because celebrations help us publicly proclaim appreciation, remember shared values, and renew commitments.

Within organizations, public recognition serves numerous purposes. Celebrations help build pride when appreciation is shown for meeting a goal, achieving improved performance, receiving formal recognition from outside the organization, etc. Celebrations for these kinds of achievements also help build team work as a group progresses and learns to trust the members within. When achievements are celebrated, organizational members are shown the importance of accountability and focus as they strive for continuous improvement. The spirit of appreciation that celebrations can create sets the tone for all organizational operations and interpersonal interactions.

SALT’s Kits 4 Kids program is one of our organization’s reasons to celebrate. Young children suffer during disasters in many of the same ways adults do but without developed coping skills. The uncertainty surrounding any disaster can create disturbing feelings of insecurity and fear. In order to help children deal with a disaster more effectively, the VISTA team at SALT is creating Kits 4 Kids. These Kits will contain items to help young people feel safer while living through a disaster. Once the items to create these Kits have been collected through generous donations, they will be organized into back-packs that will be distributed to the Gilboa-Conesville first through eighth grade students. In addition, the children will receive age-appropriate preparedness information.

We celebrate the development of this program as it is a wonderful goal of the VISTAs that will directly benefit this community. If you would like more information about SALT’s K4K program or would like to donate toward these Kits, please visit the website ( or contact the SALT office at 518-702-5017.

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