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Sarah’s Snippets 10/24

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“The events and conditions each of us experiences during our formative years determine who we are and how we see the world.” Lynne C. Lancaster and David Stillman: When Generations Collide

At first glance, this quote looks like one of those statements that causes to us think, “of course.”  The SALT staff drilled deep into this concept during this week’s in-service and examined how the experiences of our formative years affect our view of the world. Cultural influences have a great impact.  They lead to differences in our expectations, our approaches to learning, our relationships with our co-workers, and our sense of what is and is not acceptable behavior.  Members of the SALT staff represent three generations.

As we shared information about the differences among generations, including the various strengths of each, we came to a greater understanding of and appreciation for each other.  We also gained insight into how we might communicate and function with one another more effectively.

As Americans live longer, these lessons of the generations become more important for everyone.  When we understand the differences of the various generational cohorts, as well as their strength, not only the SALT staff, but all of us, can benefit by strengthened relationships with people in all seasons of their lives.

SALT is three years old.  During these three years, many people have been part of the SALT “family” and our sphere of influence has spread.

In August of 2014 there was flooding in Detroit.  This week we were contacted by a woman who volunteered with SALT and is now volunteering there.  One of the leaders of the “Green Shirts,” the disaster response team of the Christian Reformed Church, who served here, contacted us as well.  Both were seeking information from SALT to share with those working on recovery in Detroit.  Additionally, Juanita Gibson, Detroit resident and SALT VISTA alum, is helping her neighborhood recover.

SALT is also tied to the Ebola concerns, as another VISTA alum lives in Ghana. Don Osei-Owusu writes:  “Thank you for your thoughts regarding Ebola.  It is a bit close for comfort (two national borders away), but we are thankful that Ghana has not succumbed to it.  Hopefully the current international panic will speed the flow of funds towards vaccine research and disease containment.”

We are grateful for all of these individuals and the awareness of SALT’s positive influence.

John and Bobby Poorman moved to Schoharie about 15 years ago after falling in love with the community.  That sentiment was reflected in their service to the area.  In addition to serving at the Schoharie Reformed Church, on the Village Planning Board, and in SOS (Save Our Schoharie), John and Bobby served tirelessly following the August, 2011 flooding.  John was instrumental in the creation of Schoharie Recovery, and served as the organization’s first Chairperson. Bobby facilitated the Business Recovery Committee of Schoharie Recovery and encouraged businesses to return to the village.

For these contributions and many more, they will be honored by having the new pavilion at Fox Creek Park named for them.  Bobby passed away last year and will be honored posthumously. John is battling ALS but will be present for the dedication.  All are welcome to attend on Friday, October 24th at 4:00pm at Fox Creek Park.  Anyone who is unable to attend may share greetings on the Facebook page of John and Bobby’s daughter, Michelle Frasca.

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