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Sarah’s Snippets 10/19/2015

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Did you notice it, the snow over the weekend? Well, to be more accurate, there were just a few flurries. Not something I look forward to each year because it signals the end to the warmer weather and the change to cooler weather. However, this year was different because of the 8 and 10 year old grandchildren at my house. The flurries were greeted with great excitement. There was shouting and urging everyone to go outside to experience it.  There was dancing around the kitchen as warm coats and scarves were applied to dancers.  Because the excitement was catching, I too, bundled up and went out with them. By the time we arrived on the back porch, the flurries had stopped; but not the enthusiasm!

With the energy that the excitement created, we set off for a walk up the dirt road. The conversation centered on the snow storms that were “on their way” and predictions of another white Thanksgiving.  As we walked, one of the children noticed that the shaggy tree (shag-bark hickory) was loaded with nuts and we talked about the squirrels and chipmunks needing them for food during the winter. Under a gold and red drenched maple, we looked up and noticed a bird’s nest resting on a branch, and one of the children wondered if the birds liked the colorful wallpaper that Mother Nature provided. That led to the vision of leaves being shaken off the tree and falling like multi-colored snowflakes.  And so the conversation went as we took time from a busy day to pause and enjoy our surroundings and each other.

Mr. Rogers** (of TV’s Mr. Rogers Neighborhood fame) said, “It seems to me that our world needs more time to wonder and reflect about what is inside….and who we can become. Removing ourselves from distractions helps us do that.” The children helped me to do that this past weekend, and to consider the change of seasons as a gift full of opportunities–opportunities that hold excitement of their own.  As I reflect on the programs SALT is engaged in and those that are being explored, they create excited enthusiasm for the possibilities captured within each one.  Numerous people will be positively affected by these programs and the county will move closer to the vision SALT holds for the area’s renewal.

So while change is uncomfortable because it implies a disruption, when a disruption occurs something new is waiting to emerge. Looking for that emergence, and evaluating it as an opportunity, makes change a welcome gift.

[** Mr. Fred Rogers held a BA degree in music composition and a divinity degree, which led to his ordination by the United Presbyterian Church. In addition, he was an accomplished puppeteer and TV producer. He was mentored for over 25 years by famed child psychologist Dr. Margaret McFarland from the University of Pittsburgh.]

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