SALT’s New Year’s Resolutions

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SALT’s New Year’s Resolutions

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In 2015 SALT will build resilient and sustainable communities through…

VISION: Collaboratively with SALT Staff, Board, VISTAs, and the community we will in 2015 continue SALT’s vision of making the Schohaire Creek Basin and surrounding communities vibrant, thriving, resilient, and sustainable.

ADVOCACY: Helping individuals and families navigate public and private resources and systems. This year SALT will maintain the case management and care management we have done since our inception and continue to act as an information hub for those in need.

THE TRAIL PROJECT: Building on a long held community vision with a SALT facilitated, multi-organizational effort around the Schoharie Creek. In 2015, with other partnering organizations and the community we will conduct a feasibility study for a 38 mile multi-use trail from Esperance to Blenheim as a vehicle for community driven economic renewal.

­­­COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: The United Nations defines Community Development as “a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems.” Going forward as we shift from recovery to renewal SALT will continue to seek out, facilitate  community development projects like the Trail Project that are in need of regional coordination.

ECONOMIC RENEWAL: 2014 saw many new businesses open post-flood across the county. 2015 will be the first full year that SALT is placing one of our VISTA members jointly at the Schoharie County Chamber of Commerce to further support local business revitalization and tourism.

PREPAREDNESS: We at SALT know that it is not “if” another disaster will strike but “when”. In 2015, SALT will work with local partner agencies like Office of Emergency Services, Red Cross, and Office of the Aging to set a plan in place for the Schoharie County Volunteer Reception Center. The VRC will act as our volunteer hub in case of a county wide disaster, coordinating efforts and volunteers in a systematic and effective way to ensure a speedy response and recovery.

­­­VISTAS: SALT AmeriCorp Volunteers in Service to America or VISTAs will work with hundreds of volunteers and community members in the upcoming months. Our VISTAs are our backbone, they are on the ground coordinating meetings, reaching out to volunteers, and doing all the little things that help SALT function so fluidly. In 2015 we will have a new team of VISTAs joining our current members to continue doing what they do best, getting things done.

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