SALT’S 3-R’s for their Recruitment Kick-Off!

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SALT’S 3-R’s for their Recruitment Kick-Off!

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Volunteers Change the World

Volunteers Change the World

Rebuild – Recovery – Resilience

When I started at Schoharie Area Long Term and thought of “rebuilding,” I imagined the literal rebuilding of homes: a house standing empty, a giant X spray-painted by the door to signal it dangerous;  people in masks and goggles hauling out dumpsters of debris;  piles of fresh supplies; busy people; and high whines of machines.  Then, finally, after months or years and with a fresh coat of paint, the lights are turned on and the house is celebrated as “rebuilt!”

As an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer at a long-term recovery group, I’ve learned that “rebuilding” means way more than lumber and awesome power tools.  After seeing their homes destroyed, homeowners considered giving up, but volunteers brought fresh energy and gave them hope to attempt recovery.  So here we are, two-and-a-half years since the flood, and one resident with a rebuilt home told me that she just wanted “to feel like myself again.”  

That got me thinking about how communities, after facing a catastrophic event, need more than a home to feel “at home.”  Three R’s especially bubbled up:




So there’s a lot more to “rebuilding” than a building.  SALT’s vision is for a vibrant community.  To support that vision, SALT has many different kinds of volunteer opportunities.    You don’t have to have construction skills.  Check out our Volunteer Page for the many ways you can help!

By being a SALT Volunteer, you can bring your skills to us and gain skills and experience too!

Current opportunities:

  • Be a Resilient Volunteer by being a member on the Resilience Committee, or get disaster training to be on staff at the Volunteer Center, in response to a future disaster.
  • Be a Prepared Volunteer by participating on the Preparedness Committee, or helping with preparedness activities, such as the “Hope for the Home-Bound” project.
  • Be a Wild Volunteer by being on the Schoharie Area Wild Committee or helping with clean-up activities.
  • Be a Supportive Volunteer by bringing your professional experience to the Fund Development, Grant Writing, or Special Events Committees, or helping with office administration, data entry, IT, or public relations.

If you have professional experience in an area and a passion for you community, contact SALT today!  Email us at or call the office at (518) 702-5017.


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